Art Competition 2018-19

Take yourself back in time to the distant past, back through the medieval era, to pre-Christian Britain, or further back, into Roman Britain, the era of the round barrows, the stone circles, the long barrows, or further still. The population of these islands was small but not insignificant. Each person was an individual who loved and fought, played and worked, laughed and cried. With a few notable exceptions, we have no record of their names or faces. They left no trace of their voices.

Honouring the Ancient Dead (HAD) works to promote respectful treatment of the bones (‘human remains’) of the ancient inhabitants of the British Isles. This year we are launching a competition for artistic works that reflect or remedy the facelessness of these our ancestors (or antecedents if you prefer); to create a lasting ‘spiritual bridge’ between us, the contemporary occupiers of these lands, and those who were here long ago.

Competition Details

The Theme is ‘Welcoming the Ancient Dead’ (any artistic response, in any medium, that acknowledges common human spirit between contemporary people and the pre-Christian era ancestors within the British Isles). Special credit will be given to works that emphasise the personal.

Original works must be retained by the artist and submitted only in digital form suitable for publication on the Internet. The winning entry will be used as a new banner for HAD’s website. Short-listed works will be promoted in digitised form to all British museums with ancient bones in their collections or on display.

A full copy of the Rules appears below.

Entrants should notify HAD of the intention to participate via the Contact form on the HAD website – with information as set out in the rules below – with ‘Art Competition 2018-19’ in the subject line.

Judging will be by HAD trustees whose decisions will be final.

A PDF poster that can be printed to publicise this competition can be found below.


HAD Art Competition – Rules

  1. The competition is open to anyone in the United Kingdom.
  2. Entrant categories of Adult, Student and Junior (under 18) will be judged separately. 
  3. Entries must be original, unpublished, not currently submitted elsewhere, and must not have won any other prize.
  4. Entries may be created in any form or media, including but not limited to paintings, sculpture, decorative arts, photography, video and other performances but must be submitted for judging digitally in the form of digital reproductions or photographs. The judging panel may subsequently opt to view original works as part of shortlisting.
  5. Entries must be restricted to the theme, which is: ‘Welcoming the Ancient Dead’.
  6. Multiple entries per person are permitted.
  7. Entrants are responsible for any and all production costs for their entry or entries.
  8. All entries will be judged on quality as well as their success in addressing the theme and purpose of the competition. 
  9. No entry form is required, but intention to participate should be notified to HAD via the Contact Us feature. All entries must include your name, address, email address and both day and evening telephone number.
  10. Receipt of your intention to enter the competition will be acknowledged by HAD.
  11. There is no entry fee.
  12. The closing date is midnight Monday 30th September 2019 and no entries will be accepted after this date. Judging will take place during the following three weeks, with final decisions being made and announced by Monday 28th October 2019.
  13. Winning entrants will be notified by telephone and e-mail. Publicity will be sought for the competition and the winning works. Entrants may wish to waive their involvement in such publicity by including the words Waive Publicity with their submission.
  14. Copyright remains with the entrants, but Honouring the Ancient Dead reserves the right to publish images and digital representations of the chosen works (both in print form and online).
  15. Entrants will be deemed to have accepted these conditions of entry on submission of their works.
  16. The decision of the judges shall be final and binding upon the participants entering this competition.



Art Competition Poster