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Developing Anarchist Archaeologies

Durham University are holding their 31st Theoretical Archaeology Group annual meeting between Thursday December 17th and Saturday December 19th 2009.  One paper will be on “Developing Anarchist Archaeologies”.  HAD will follow up on any interesting outcomes. Abstract...


Reburials of Iron Age and Romano-British Remains

This first hand report recently filed by one of HAD’s volunteers (recording events before becoming involved with HAD) is reproduced here in full. REBURIALS OF IRON AGE AND ROMANO-BRITISH REMAINS IN EAST YORKSHIRE A dig...


Prehistoric remains reburied – in America

In this interesting case prehistoric remains were given to a local tribe to rebury – even though there is no direct connection through tribal lineage.  Could such an example ever happen in the UK?...


Christian reburial in Yorkshire

The community of Masham, Yorkshire recently honoured its early ancestors with a reburial ceremony.  57 skeletons found 20 years ago were laid to rest again. As the vicar of Masham said in the service “Today...


Mercian Treasure Hoard Found

A vast quantity of gold and silver treasures have been found in Staffordshire by a metal detectorist. The following passage from Beowulf – translated by Sheamus Heaney – speaks wonderfully of such things… BEOWULF...


Avebury Bank Holiday Monday Event

Talks to launch new guidebook for Avebury – Bank Holiday Monday, 4th May Twenty years since the publication of the last official guidebook, the launch of the National Trust’s new guidebook for the UNESCO...


Stonehenge Decision

English Heritage welcomes the Government’s decision to go ahead with new visitor facilities. Read More At:  English Heritage


“Crop Circle” Reveals Pre-Stonehenge Complex

Aerial surveying has revealed a huge complex of barrows and reputedly ceremonial sites on farmland near Damerham – approximately 15 miles from Stonehenge.  It is believed that the site predates Stonehenge and is around 6,000...


Iron Age War Grave Unearthed

Builders working on the ‘Olympic Highway’ relief road on Ridgeway Hill near Weymouth have uncovered a 2000 year old mass grave near Maiden Castle, Dorset.  The bodies are thought to be local victims of the...