Welcome to Honouring the Ancient Dead (HAD)

Honouring the Ancient Dead is a British initiative that advocates respect for what are commonly called ‘human remains’ and their related funereal artefacts.

HAD’s work is based upon the following foundation :

  -  As human beings we have a duty of care towards every other human person.
  -  As integral and influencing members of the community, the ancestral dead retain their personhood.
  -  Personhood entails the need for respectful interaction.

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This website is designed to inform people of the work that we do, provide a focal point for advocacy and campaigns, promote discussion and debate and be a key information resource for all involved in caring for our ancestors: archaeologists, museums, government departments, teaching hospitals, local historical societies, local communities where exhumations have taken place, and individuals with cultural, educational, spiritual or religious interests in their ancestors.

Please remember that the issues discussed are not to everybody's taste. If you are likely to be affected by the issues surrounding the care of the ancestral dead (or 'human remains'), then please progress with care. Read our disclaimer before going further.  

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