Value of Science

When it comes to perspectives about the value of scientific research on our ancestors, the spectrum opinion is vast. It ranges from those who believe there is no justification for any research, to those for whom every piece of knowledge is of significant importance. One of the issues we have found at HAD is that very often those who hold one perspective do not really know or understand the reasons why others have such different views.

This HAD project is therefore fundamentally one of education: why do people believe what they do about the value of this research?

HAD is therefore asking various individuals in the debate on ancestors (‘human remains’) the following key questions:

(a) What is the value of scientific study on ancestors (‘human remains’)?
(b) What would be the implications if it were not possible to carry out this research?
(c) What benefits does this study bring to our world?

The number of words used is up to the respondent, but a precis of each answer must be provided in less than 100 words.

The short answers will be posted on this page, with links to fuller responses available.

If you would like to make a suggestion for a contributor, or would like to offer answers yourself, please do get in touch.