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Bassetlaw Museum & Percy Laws Memorial Gallery

Amcott House
40 Grove Street
DN22 6JU

Website: http://www.bassetlawmuseum.org.uk/

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Local Authority

YLM Entry Submitted: Yes

How many human remains are in its collection, and how many of those are of ancient British provenance, pre-Christian or in other way Pagan?:

The museum holds 12 individuals from a late Roman site, whose religious faith is not evident. There are also fragmentary remains from a further 1 – 2 individuals with no associated documentation.

Total: 14

How many of these human remains are well documented, with clear context of date and place of exhumation?:

The 12 RomanoBritish individuals from the Raymouth Lane excavation are well documented.

Where there are ancestors in store, is there a history of use?:


Where there are ancestors in store, is there potential for use, in display, education or scientific analysis?

Yes, there is considered potential.

Does the museum have a disposal policy, and is it including HR with negligible potential in its discussions about disposal?:Yes

There is an Acquisition and Disposal Policy, but human remains are not specifically mentioned within it. The museum is considering disposal, but there are objects to deal with first that are taking up more space and have little supporting information.

What sources of information about these human remains are in the public domain and where?:

The Raymoth Lane Burials are published, a brief summary is on display. The museum also gives talks about the site. More information is available to anyone on request.

Does the museum have ancestors (human remains) on display?:No

No. The reason for this is a lack of space in the museum. Some members of the public, involved in the excavation particularly, have expressed disappointment about this.

Does the museum hold any iconic ancestors, ie. complete skeletons with a well documented story, or those considered of national or local importance, and are these on display?:

One of the individuals, a little girl named Alex by the excavation team, is considered iconic. She is held in great affection by local people and museum staff.


5 October, 2010