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Bishop Bonner’s Cottage Museum

St Withburga Lane
East Dereham
NR20 4AG

Website: http://www.derehamhistory.com/

Parent Organisation:
Funded by:

Dereham Antiquarian Society and Donations

YLM Entry Submitted: Yes

How many human remains are in its collection, and how many of those are of ancient British provenance, pre-Christian or in other way Pagan?:

The only human remain in the museum’s collection is a little finger which was found in a burial urn at Spong Hill.

Total: 1

How many of these human remains are well documented, with clear context of date and place of exhumation?:

The finger is fully documented.

Where there are ancestors in store, is there a history of use?:

Where there are ancestors in store, is there potential for use, in display, education or scientific analysis?

Does the museum have a disposal policy, and is it including HR with negligible potential in its discussions about disposal?:Yes

Yes, the museum has a policy, but it doesn’t specifically refer to human remains.

What sources of information about these human remains are in the public domain and where?:

The only information is a small label with the finger in the display case.

Does the museum have ancestors (human remains) on display?:Yes

It is on dispay with pots found at Spong Hill.

Does the museum hold any iconic ancestors, ie. complete skeletons with a well documented story, or those considered of national or local importance, and are these on display?:



13 October, 2010