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Abingdon County Hall Museum

County Hall
Market Place
OX14 3HG

Website: http://www.abingdonmuseum.org.uk/

Parent Organisation:

English Heritage

Funded by:

Local Authority

YLM Entry Submitted: Yes

How many human remains are in its collection, and how many of those are of ancient British provenance, pre-Christian or in other way Pagan?:

Abingdon’s rich archaeology, neolithic to recent, has reveals much human bone. For more information, please contact Dr Esther Cameron, Museum Resource Centre, Standlake, Oxfordshire OX29 7QG. Also, the museum’s founders left a small collection of post-medieval human skull fragments which have been reviewed by Dr Maldowsi Kemp of the Oxford University Natural History Museum.


How many of these human remains are well documented, with clear context of date and place of exhumation?:

Where there are ancestors in store, is there a history of use?:


Where there are ancestors in store, is there potential for use, in display, education or scientific analysis?

During 2011, the museum will be redisplayed. It is hoped to display some of the founders’ collections illustratively (contrasting collective principles and practice). This will depend upon public consultation.

Does the museum have a disposal policy, and is it including HR with negligible potential in its discussions about disposal?:Yes

The museum shares an Acquisition and Disposal Policy with the Oxfordshire County Museum Service. The founders’ collection is under the policies of the university Natural History Museum.

What sources of information about these human remains are in the public domain and where?:

The founders’ collection information will be in the public domain from Spring 2012 as part of the refurbishment and access project, costing £3.5m and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Does the museum have ancestors (human remains) on display?:

One skull has been put on temporary display and community groups invited to comment.

Does the museum hold any iconic ancestors, ie. complete skeletons with a well documented story, or those considered of national or local importance, and are these on display?:



8 September, 2010