YLM Database

Craven Museum

Town Hall
High Street
BD23 1AH

Website: http://www.cravenmuseum.org/

Parent Organisation:
Funded by:

Local Authority : Craven District Council

YLM Entry Submitted: Yes

How many human remains are in its collection, and how many of those are of ancient British provenance, pre-Christian or in other way Pagan?:

The museum holds what it believes to be the remains of 25 individuals. The remains are very fragmentary, however, so there may be more individuals present. All are ancient, prehistoric, British.

Total: 25

How many of these human remains are well documented, with clear context of date and place of exhumation?:

All are documented with find locations and most have a date context.

Where there are ancestors in store, is there a history of use?:

There is some history of use as display material.

Where there are ancestors in store, is there potential for use, in display, education or scientific analysis?

There is considered potential for scientific research.

Does the museum have a disposal policy, and is it including HR with negligible potential in its discussions about disposal?:Yes

Yes, the museum’s policy does include human remains.

What sources of information about these human remains are in the public domain and where?:

All documentation information is available to the public on request. Remains on display are labelled and explained according to the museum’s usual policy.

Does the museum have ancestors (human remains) on display?:Yes

Yes, the remains are on display. The context is that of explaining prehistoric cave archaeology, and demonstrating how a Roman burial with grave goods may have looked.

The museum has a sign warning visitors that human remains are on display. No complaints have been received.

Does the museum hold any iconic ancestors, ie. complete skeletons with a well documented story, or those considered of national or local importance, and are these on display?:

Some of the prehistoric cave remains are considered iconic for the local region. The collection of IA Roman burial remains are of national importance.


5 October, 2010