Britain is a crowded space. It is inevitable that development and archaeology will unearth the physical bodies of people who have lived and died in this place before us.

HAD believes that these bodies should never be seen as ‘things’ or ‘material’: they are individuals, they are persons. No one should presume to claim them. The phrase ‘human remains’, in any heritage context, should jar, provoking human concern and care.

For these reasons, HAD aims to define and promote fundamental respect and dignity for those who are in effect the ancestors of most of us living in the UK today.

HAD encourages discussion and consultation, creating guidance and supporting best practice for the way museums, archaeologists and other heritage groups treat these ancestors.  Study, display and educational uses need to be comprehensively justified.

HAD’s ‘Your Local Museum’ project uniquely collates and publicises collections and displays in museums and archaeological organisations.

In addition to the map above, our searchable database is available here for all to explore.

Contact us to have your say or volunteer to give our ancestors an effective voice.

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