HAD generally believes in respecting the dignity of ancestors – for example supporting the best practice of shielding grave exhumations from public gaze. For that reason, we do not generally support the publication of images of ancestors, their bones, graves or display in museums.

However, from time to time we may deliberately or inadvertantly include a link to an article on this site or the Internet that may include such images.

If you are likely to find viewing images of ancestors’ skeletons and other remains disturbing or offensive, we recommend proceeding with caution or not using this site.

HAD will not be held liable for any such offence or upset.

Whilst the issues surrounding the care of human remains attracts a wide range of differing viewpoints, it is not the intention of HAD to allow the libel of any individual or organisation. If the content on this website attracts such a claim, the members of HAD involved in the production of this website will review the content. When appropriate we will either remove or edit the offending article. If there is some dispute as to the legitamacy of such a claim, it may be referred to the HAD council for their decision. In all cases the claim will be dealt with as soon as humanly possible. Claimants should consider the difficulties involved in reaching a decision, and taking any subsequent action, when the members of HAD are working purely on a voluntary basis.

In cases where HAD links to external websites outside of our control or influence, then HAD are not responsible for the content of these websites. Any libel claims should be presented to the owners of the website concerned.

From time to time the subject matter discussed in articles on this website may cause some offence. Unfortunately this is in the nature of the issues surrounding the care of human remains. If you are likely to take offence then please do not continue to browse the website, or read the articles. HAD can only deal with claims for libel made against an individual or organisation. In any case, HAD will not accede to any demands for financial compensation. We can only provide the cessation or alteration of the material published on this website. This is in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

HAD recognises the need to respect the person in all the cases we cover.  This includes the sensitive issue of whether to publish photographs of human remains and displays on this website.  The use of such photographs within HAD articles is solely for the promotion of the specific case and to inform public debate.  That debate will, inevitably, give rise to a range of opinions on the validity of using graphic photographs within a public website.  Consequently HAD will continue to review each case carefully before publication.  As advocates of respect we invite constructive comments on this topic as input to ongoing policy formulation.

If you have comments on this or any other aspect of the content of this site, please contact us.