Prehistoric remains reburied – in America

In this interesting case prehistoric remains were given to a local tribe to rebury – even though there is no direct connection through tribal lineage.  Could such an example ever happen in the UK?

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  1. Normandie Kent says:

    The Americas are a special case, there was at first very little Genetic diversity with the founding poulation. From that small founding population the americas were filled with very closely related genetic relatives. All Native Americans are related directly or colaterally. Plus we lived in isolation, with no groups invading other than our cousins other indians, for tens of thousands of years. Unlike europe and england or the British isles. There have been countless invasions since the Bronze age, you could never know what group is descended from whom. With Native American remains theres a good chance the the we are all related to the remains.. it doesnt mater as long as they are reburied right where were found. The santee tribe have been in their territories for hundreds and hundreds of years, thats were the remains were found. Since the Santee are the caretakers of the land, that is where they belong. I am Chumash Indian of CA. They recently found one of our DNA ancestors in a cave in Alaska in a cave called “on your knees cave” he was mtdna D4h3a and the Baby Anzick1 he was also D4h3a, in Montana. Its not like we would demand that our close relatives to be reburied in Santa Barbara, CA. They were not closely related to the tribes whos land they were found in. But thats were their loved ones had ceremony for the journey to the afterlife. So thats were they should remain. It does not make one bit of difference, as long as their put back were they were found. With no invasive testing. All Native Americans are Cousins and related.

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