Would you like to get involved with HAD?  Have you some spare time and a desire to push for honourable treatment of the ancestors? Maybe you know of a project that HAD should be looking into.  Perhaps you would like to volunteer, getting involved with a project local to you.  Maybe you have other great ideas.

Everyone who works with HAD is a volunteer.  Volunteers are not, however, unpaid employees : HAD is a network of individuals, each using a mixture of their own resources and what HAD can provide in terms of information and support.  Some volunteers are trained archaeologists or heritage professional, some amateur archaeological sleuths, some students, some complete beginners in the field having only enthusiasm to guide them.  All are welcome.

Here are some ways in which you might contribute, and how we can help you get started.

  • Your Local Museum (YLM) Volunteers – Nothing difficult, just follow up with museums in your area to help create our very important museums database.  We supply all the guidance you need, and link you in with other HAD volunteers or Regional Coordinators who can support you further.
  • General Volunteers – The need for respectful treatment of the ancestors in Britain is a vast challenge.  The only limit on what we can do is the number of volunteers working with us. As well as the YLM, there may be other issues relating to your local museum, archaeological digs in your local area, for which we need someone nearby to find out more information, and possibly get involved. Alternatively, suggest a project and have the satisfaction of seeing it through.
  • Regional coordinators – We could run more campaigns if we have more local organisers, and as our campaigning increases, we need more volunteers to act as regional coordinators.  If you have the time and energy and would like to become a regional coordinator, send you details – including where you live – via the Contact form (marking it ‘RC’) or via the volunteer link on the same page and we will be in touch with further information on how you can help.  If we already have a regional coordinator for your area, we will put you in touch with them as part of the HAD network.
  • Museum and archaeology professionals – would you like to be involved in shaping the future of British attitudes to respectful treatment of the ancestors and their bodily evidence within your communities?  We are interested in hearing from you.  Policies and guidelines need updating to reflect the emerging new order.  Help us build the consensus.
  • Donations – HAD is moving into a new phase of activity.  Making a donation now will ensure our projects progress with proper administration, communication and persistence.  If you are interested in making a donation, email us through Contact.