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Should Richard III be Reburied?

The merits of reburial and display made front page news today, in the form of an article on the BBC triggered by the reburial of Richard III today. The question posed is ‘should his...


Yorkshire reburial

News of an interesting reburial in Yorkshire where the local community seems to have been closely involved. Read More At:  Yorkshire Post


Queen Re-interred

A 4,000-year-old skeleton, known as the Queen of the Inch, is to be re-interred in the tiny island of Inchmarnock in the Firth of Clyde. Warning : contains photograph of human remains Read More...


Stonehenge Reburial Extension – Update

An application to extend the license granted to the archaeological team that excavated human remains from Stonehenge in 2008 has been received by the Ministry of Justice. The extension application has been lodged by...


Time Team Skeletons to be Reburied

It has been reported that skeletons dating from 1755 CE are to be reburied just over a year after having been excavated following complaints from the public. Caroline Dinenage, MP for Gosport said: t’It’s...


Reburial in Guildford

An interesting article on the reburial of a native American Indian where the community came together to make it possible and mark the event. Read More At: Final resting place found in Guilford for...


Reburials of Iron Age and Romano-British Remains

This first hand report recently filed by one of HAD’s volunteers (recording events before becoming involved with HAD) is reproduced here in full. REBURIALS OF IRON AGE AND ROMANO-BRITISH REMAINS IN EAST YORKSHIRE A dig...


Prehistoric remains reburied – in America

In this interesting case prehistoric remains were given to a local tribe to rebury – even though there is no direct connection through tribal lineage.  Could such an example ever happen in the UK?...