Conferences and Events

Conferences on the treatment of the ancestors and their bodily evidence are now and then held around Britain, and sometimes HAD delegates are able to attend, submitting reports for this website.

If you have information about a relevant conference, please get in touch with us.  It is important that HAD keeps abreast of the currents of change, both within Pagan circles and within the academic and heritage community whose role it is to manage our ancestral remains.

HAD Events

Avebury sponsored walk

On 10 August 2013 at 2pm (assemble at the Red Lion), HAD will be holding a fund raising walk around the Avebury Circle. Everyone is invited to raise money for HAD, walking as many times around the circle as they can on the day: how many times do you think you could you do it? What wisdom and inspiration would you breathe in along the way?

As a non‐profit initiative, all of HAD’s projects, such as Your Local Museum (YLM), are carried out solely by volunteers. However, a small amount of annual funding is needed in order to run the website, manage campaigns and surveys, mail out questionnaires and Best Practice policies, and to facilitate discussions and other events. Rising costs, particularly postal costs, means that we need to top up the kitty.

If you aren’t able to walk, do come along anyway, meet and chat with other HAD folk and bend our collective ears about campaigns you would like to see taken up.

If you are unable to join us on the day, do please consider sponsoring one of our volunteers. We will be in touch with all of our volunteers soon with sponsorship forms. We are also able to accept donations directly through the HAD website at the Donate page using Paypal.

HAD Sponsorship Form

Looking forward to seeing you in Avebury this August!


HAD’s own 2009 conference, The Care of Ancient Human Remains, was held in October 2009 in Leicester.

Reports on other conferences: