HAD Policies and Guidelines

Current Policies

The following are the current policy and guideline documents maintained by HAD.

HAD Consultation Policy

This policy was agreed in March 2007 by members of the HAD Council following consultation with HAD Advisors and staff.

Guidance for the Display of Human Remains in Museums

In response to a number of requests for advice on the dislay of ancestors, HAD consulted its council and advisors to creat a best practice guide for use by musuems.  HAD does not condone the display of ancestors but where museums feel this is unavoidable this document gives practical direction.

Guidance for Housing Ancestors

HAD has now published its Guidance for the Housing of Ancestors, outlining best practice for how the physical bones and cremated ash of the ancestors might be respectfully kept whilst in the care of museums and other institutions.

A Committal Rite for the Reburial

As respectful reburial of ancestors is a key issue within HAD and one recognised by a growing number of institutions, the Council has put together guidelines for a rite of reburial.  The committal rite may also be found as an appendix to HAD’s Reburial Handbook.