Working as a network, HAD aims to support and guide individuals or groups who find themselves facing issues relating to the ancient dead of our lands. Slowly HAD is developing connections and important progress is being made. Because of the nature of HAD’s work, there is much done on the ground, behind the scenes, where publicising the process could compromise progress.  However, whenever a project is seeking input or a way of celebrating progress, it will be published on these pages. If you know of a project which would benefit from HAD’s input, please let us know.

Note that some of the maps shown within these projects are approximate in order to protect the exact location of the site.

Short Term Projects

Avebury Consultation – English Heritage and National Trust

Manchester Museum Human Remains Public Consultation


Current Projects

Your Local Museum

A Druid at Colchester
Ferry Fryston – Iron Age Chariot Burial
RAF Lakenheath
Red Lady of Paviland
Stonehenge – Aubrey Hole VII
Stonehenge – Visitor Centre
Stonehenge – Tunnel
The Temple of Mithras, London

Supported Projects

Cross Bones

Completed Projects

Coldrum Stones, Coldrum Bones
Lindow Man
Reburial at Highworth
Stonehenge – Darvill and Wainwright Dig – 2008
The Prittlewell Prince
The Queen of the Night