Isle of Mann Tumuli

HAD recently received an enquiry about whether we have any project activity in the Isle of Mann – an area we have yet to reach.

It seems the noth west coast of the island has many tumuli (burial mounds) in close proximity and yet these are not well known.  Moreover, the Manx Museum displays ancient pagan human remains from the west of the island.

Clearly the island deserves our interest and support.

Inspired and motivated to do something positive to show respect for the ancestors, local OBOD member Billy Dickinson composed this poem….


Here lay your bones

Oh Ancient Ones!

But where are you now ?

Shapers of this land.

Here lay your bones

Under stone and sand

So carefully placed

In bosoms of this land

Here lay your bones

So raise yourselves to Summer Realms !

That you might return

To this sacred land.


Billy Dickinson


If you too are inspired by Billy’s action, and would like to get involved as a HAD local representative or member of a HAD group, then contact us and we will help you to get started.

The ancestors deserve your support.

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  1. Kathleen Laverty says:

    Beautiful and I am inspired by my new found friend…amazing work…thank you and Blessed Be <3

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