Down Your Way

HAD is always looking to expand its network of local representatives. Here you will find information on the activities of some of our local groups to give you inspiration. If you would like to join our Volunteers mailing list, just contact us.


The Kent Group meet occasionally and had a successful fund raising walk on Saturday 1st November 2014 where donations achieved £136 for HAD. We have re-opened connections with Kent’s County Museum at Maidstone. This has given us some concern and progress is dented. We have had connections in the past, but those involved on both sides have moved on, leaving a void. The current Head Curator have been putting us off as they are very short staffed now. We are keeping up pressure to have a meeting in February. Our thrust is twofold, to have a dialogue about the continued retention of the ancestors that came from one of Kent’s few long barrows, The Coldrum Stones, and to discover the full extent of ancestors they hold at the museum. In the longer term we need to try and discuss a re-burial programme. We are also in discussions with National Trust wardens about the care of the Coldrum Stones and developed an informal partnership and intend to have a site meeting soon.

Photos from the walk…