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Here you will find links to news articles of interest to HAD and its supporters.

HAD cannot be held responsible for the content of third party web sites, including where images of the bodily evidence of the ancestors are displayed.

27 December, 2014 – Stonehenge road tunnel could wreck archaeology

12 November, 2010 – Irish call for reburial at Tara 

10 June, 2010 – World’s best-preserved gladiatorial relics are discovered in the suburbs of York

05 October, 2009 – Time Team discover Roman villa and human remains

23 August, 2009 – Calls for remains to be returned to Stonehenge

21 May, 2009 – Aboriginal bones returned

14 March, 2009 – Corpse Reburied after 700 years

09 February, 2009 – Metal Detectorists discover Saxon burials in Sussex

18 January, 2009 – Daily Mail on Avebury consultation

20 October, 2008 – Consultation Launched on Avebury human remains

09 July, 2008 – Bodies from the Iron Age are Unearthed

28 June, 2008 – Museum of London’s skeleton key to the bodies under city’s streets

23 May, 2008 – The Great Mummy Cover-up, Guardian
The issue of Egyptian mummies is directly not part of HAD’s remit, which is human remains of British origin. However, because there are many British Pagans for whom Pagan Egyptian religious tradition is profoundly woven into their own religious study and practice, the issue does arise. Above is a recent article which mentions HAD, so we are presenting it here.  However, here is another writer’s opinion.

12 May, 2008 – Channel 4 Interview about Mithraeum, London

06 May, 2008 – Rest in Peat, Guardian review of Lindow Man exhibit in Manchester 

01 May, 2008 – Roman cemetery in Herefordshire, reburial and display

25 April, 2008 – 3000 skeletons to be reburied in Lincolnshire

11 April, 2008 – Roman skull returned to the cave where it was found

11 April, 2008 – Bejewelled Anglo-Saxon burial suggests cult

29 March, 2008 – Repatriation of HR Debate at a conference at the Musee du Quai Branly, Paris

07 February, 2008 – Human Remains in Portsmouth’s museum archives to be DNA tested for TB

05 February, 2008 – “Give us back our bones, pagans tell museums”, Guardian

23 November, 2007 – Roman skeleton found in Yorkshire field