Avebury Consultation – English Heritage and National Trust

Location: Avebury

Museum: Alexander Keiller Museum

Era: Bronze Age

Status: Active Project

Tradition: Other

ObjectiveOther Heritage Action


Following the request made by certain members of a breakaway faction of the Council of British Druid Orders in June 2006 for the reburial of ancient ancestral remains excavated from the Avebury Complex in Wiltshire, in 2008 English Heritage and the National Trust launched a consultation exercise to take public input.  Comments were submitted by mid February 2009.  For the consultation papers and questionnaire, see the page on the English Heritage website  HAD’s response to the consultation can be found here in full, or as a shorter press release.   The Museums Association response, found here, provoked HAD to respond once more.  HAD’s letter to the MA can be found MA Letter (pdf).

The Decision made by EH

English Heritage have now concluded their deliberations and published a EH Press Release (pdf).

HAD’s Response to this Decision

In tune with HAD’s policy for issues of national importance, HAD gathered comment from its own councils of advisors and theologians, its list of volunteers and others within the Pagan community, and in late April submitted a response: HAD Response to EH (pdf).  Subsequent correspondence can be found here (EH 030610).

Following its broad consultation, HAD feels its response is inclusive of all interested Pagan views.  The following are two documents also submitted to EH in reply to their decision, from the British Druid Order (BDO Avebury Reburial Response) and Paul Davies (Avebury Reburial Request) who placed the original request on behalf of CoBDO, each expressing views articulated in HAD’s response.

Contact: Bobcat