Brymbo Man, Wrexham

Brymbo Man, found in Brymbo, near Wrexham in North East Wales, was disinterred in 1958.  He has been dated to the early Bronze Age, around 1600 BCE.  He is now on display at Wrexham Museum.

The local government website gives the story:

HAD has been sent a note about this exhibition, from a Pagan visitor, commending the display, and in particular the fact that this ancestor’s remains ‘are kept in a chest, and you can open the top and look if you want to, so at least he’s not just out in the open … the key word here is respect‘.  Because ‘you have to actually lift the lid yourself, which put a stop-and-think sort of spin on it’.

‘They have a reconstruction of his head in a case; it’s well done apart from the wig. In fact when I left the museum, I encountered him again, wearing a hoodie and talking on a mobile, funny how genes stick around … ‘

If anyone has any comments on this exhibition, please let us know.