Speaker Notes

As a campaign organisation, HAD greatly appreciates the help of our supporters, for example when agreeing to mention HAD when speaking at conferences and events.

If you plan to mention HAD in a public talk, whatever the focus of your speech – and HAD might not be the central topic – we suggest the following key ideas could be considered as a foundation.

What is HAD

When looking at what HAD does, it is important to emphasise the basic premise that we are working with and for the community; in other words, we listen to what all interested parties are saying, and are always doing what we can to get the community involved.  Let people know about our policies.

For clarity about what, why and how HAD works, have a look at our Statement of Intention.

Your Local Museum Project

Our YLM Project is an initiative to build a comprehensive database of the physical evidence of the ancestors stored or displayed at museums around the UK, particularly those from these shores.  Out of this will come the ability to increase public awareness of the scale of the issue, build pressure to change poor practices or neglect, and shape a constructive dialogue with the current guardians of the ancestors.  We recommend that you:

  • Have examples of the YLM questionnaire available to hand out
  • Mention that this is a project where we are looking for volunteers within local communities across the country

Point people to the HAD website (www.honour.org.uk) where they can see examples of completed questionnaires and obtain further blank copies to download.

New Projects

We are always interested to hear suggestions for new projects that fall within HAD’s remit.  As HAD is an organisation run entirely by volunteers, we rely on local people to drive local projects.

  • Mention this to the audience and give them the office@honour.org.uk email address where they can contact us and suggest new projects
  • Point out we can sometimes provide the contacts and help necessary to get a project off the ground
  • Also mention that we are on the lookout for new and enthusiastic local volunteers

Thank you for your support!