HAD Helping You

Very often HAD will know of a local voluteer in your area who has experience of contacting museums or dealing with other situations relating to treatment of the ancestors.  It is always a good idea to contact us first, just in case someone within the HAD voluteers base has already been involved with whatever the issue is.

HAD’s voluteer network is extensive, covering most parts of the British Isles but we are always keen to welcome other voluteers wherever you are.  For more information on HAD Volunteers, and volunteering to work as part of the HAD initiative, see HAD in Action.

Advice we can give ranges from display or reburial of the physical evidence of ancestors to guidance on formulation of policy, if that is your concern.

As the main vehicle for action, consultation plays a major part in all we do.  We can help advise on setting up a local consultation group and help to give publicity to any local initiative that you may be considering.

We also speak at events when the opportunity arises and would be pleased to consider requests should this be of interest.