Ancient British DNA Study

DNA study shows Celts are not unique genetic group

This study, recently published in Nature, reveals some fascinating and unforeseen insights into ancient British populations. For example, it shows that ‘Celtic’ was a cultural connection for a variety of genetically distinct tribes, not a blood-link. There are many other striking and interesting insights revealed in this study. It shows what can be gleaned by science through the study of populations. But the crucial point is that it was done by clever targeting of living descendants of ancient Britons, not the highly individual analysis more commonly seen in invasive archaeology. Not a single dead person was harmed in the making of this report, yet the data and insights are so great.

It also proves conclusively that those of us with local grandparents do descend from ancient tribal groups on a closely geographic basis – debunking the rebuttable of kinship claims often given using the DCMS Guidance.

This could be a turning point in claiming back our heritage.

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