Honouring the Ancient Dead – Press Release – Reburial Handbook Launch

Today, Honouring the Ancient Dead (HAD) launches the first edition of its Reburial Handbook.  This short document is intended to help those considering, or have decided, to rebury parts of their collections of ancient human remains.  It offers suggestions on where to find help and resources that have been drawn together during HAD’s consultations with museums, burial grounds and the funeral profession.

HAD sincerely hopes that this first edition will be received as a useful document in its own right as well as being a stimulus for the wider discussion of the issues and opportunities presented by the UK’s large collection of ancient human remains.  Future editions will contain updates to best practice advice as this becomes available, and will extend the contact details of professionals able to help as these come forward.   We would welcome contact from any museum or archaeological society interested in discussing any of the issues raised or in carrying out a reburial project that may be used to inform future editions.

Reburial Handbook

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