Stonehenge Vistor Centre opens amid controversy

Today the new visitor centre at Stonehenge opens – but amid controversy. The decision to display ancestors’ remains within the exhibits was carried out without adherence to the Museums Association code of ethics, which stipulates that consultation should be carried out. HAD has written to UNESCO, the Department for Culture Medial and Sport and the national press to underline this shortfall.

We will keep you appraised of any developments.

The following article underlines how ‘respectful treatment’ of ancestors is too often actually manifested – “He was a sad specimen when Lunt first saw him in the stores of the Duckworth laboratory at Cambridge University, missing his feet, hands, forearms, and head. Gradually most of the missing bones were tracked down, and finally the skull was found mistakenly stored among bones from Pompeii, but still scribbled with notes by the original excavator, amateur archaeologist Dr John Thurnham.”

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Guardian article – Stonehenge visitor centre finally opens

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