Stonehenge Reburial Extension – Update

An application to extend the license granted to the archaeological team that excavated human remains from Stonehenge in 2008 has been received by the Ministry of Justice. The extension application has been lodged by the archaeologist Mike Parker Pearson and, if the license is extended, the human remains will form the focus of a PhD project at Sheffield University until approximately 2015.

HAD has now formally responded to the Ministry of Justice. Attached please find a copy of the letter sent detailing HAD’s position and thoughts on this matter.

March/April 2011

HAD have been informed that the Judicial Review applied for by Arthur Pendragon has been denied, however, an appeal against this decision has been launched.

January 2011

Arthur Pendragon has informed HAD that he has applied for a Judicial Review of the Ministry of Justice’s recent decision to grant the license extension allowing further study on the ancestral remains excavated from Aubrey Hole VII. Sheffield University have responded to this review and currently the review is waiting for responses from English Heritage and the Ministry of Justice.

November 2010

HAD has now been informed by the Ministry of Justice that they have decided to grant the license extension. This will mean that the proprosed research on the Aubrey Hole VII ancestral remains will proceed. However, the MOJ has given assurances that the remains will be reburied as soon as the research project is completed, and that the pagan communities will continue to be consulted in this matter.

September 2010

Robert Clifford has replaced Andrew Tucker as the person making the decision on this case –

“The position is that all the representations we have received are now under consideration. How soon before a decision can be reached is difficult to predict, but once the application has been decided we would expect to notify the outcome to all those who have been in touch with us about the matter.”

Please contact HAD with any thoughts or comments on this issue.

MOJ HAD Response

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