Travelling Fair Cares for ‘bog body’

HAD was recently made aware of a travelling fair reportedly with human remains in its care…. “Recently a fair in Melton Mowbray had a ‘museum of oddities’ in a big lorry. It contained a very odd collection of built in cases with signs written like market stall signs, and very dusty and in a poor condition, and felt rather like a modern art experience! Damien Hirst must have been inspired by this sort of thing. It had lots and lots of malformed animal foetus’s and fake taxidermy stuffed bird/animal freaks etc (These are well known to museums- victorian taxidermists liked making them for fun. Some said they were from Barnums (Barnum and Bailey’s circus).  It is suspected that the entire collection could well be a victorian one passed down or sold to different showmen. It had a petrifiied remains of an 8’3” giant man from a cave in chile which may or may not have been real. It said it was buried under guano so was preserved. Then it had a “bog woman from dartmoor”. From what I know of bog remains, this certainly looked real.  She seemed early, and very complete.  If she was a fake she was a very good one.  There is no reason why e.g. victorian workmen finding such human remains would not have sold them to a travelling fair.”   HAD would like to hear from you if you have visited this travelling show  and can send us your impressions, or if know of any similar cases of reported bog bodies or similar on display.

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