HS2 – An Exciting Opportunity to Dig up the Dead

In an article in The Times today, depressing for its gung ho approach to grave desecration across the ages, an excited Ms Wass (head of ‘heritage’ on the HS2 project, would you believe) said…

“If they are really lucky, they might even come across mass graves, Ms Wass said.”

Read the article here and weep.


Update: HAD has written to The Times and Michael Ellis, MP at the DCMS

Dear Sir,

HS2 track to unearth 10,000 years of history, the Times Saturday January 12, 2019 p16

According to your Science Editor’s article, (Tom Whipple, HS2 track to unearth 10,000 years of history) HS2 will uncover a wealth of fascinating human history. Possibly many hundreds of our ancestors could be dug up and examined along the entire route, from workers who built the first railway in 1838 and mass burials of people who perished in the Black Death, to those who were slain during the Battle of Edgcote Moor.

At Honouring the Ancient Dead, we believe that the way we treat our dead is a measure of our modern civilisation, and we earnestly hope that as this project proceeds Helen Wass, its Head of Heritage, ensures the dead are treated with dignity and respect. We also hope that all media coverage manages to balance the public’s interest in the information that will be found and an appropriate attitude towards the ancestors of everyone living in this country today.

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